Necklace Chains
Necklace Chains

Necklace Chains

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Rolled Gold or Sterling Silver Chain. 

Choose your length from very Little Girls to Ladies. If you need a different length, please msg or email. I can make up any length, please get in touch.

The chains are pictured from the top,

Satellite Chain 

Figaro Chain 

Curb Chain 

Paperclip Chain 


35cm Very little girls;

38cm Little girls;

40cm Nice short chain;

45cm Average length;

50cm Good length for longest chain in layer;

55cm Nice and long. 

Good lengths for 3 Layers is 40cm, 45cm and 50cm.

Add your Personalised Star sign Constellations, Letters and Birthstone Gems.

Choose Curb Chain if you have 2 Constellations and letters because it looks too heavy on the finer chains.

These chains can be lived in, so just wear them, don't have to take them off for anything, oh, except X-rays!!